The Most Exciting Champions League Group Stage Matches

Today literally marks the start of the biggest football tournament in the world. It is another year of the Champions League and boy do we have some crackers lined up right in the group stages. This year’s tournament will be a multitude of stories ranging from the defending champions defense of the title to a hungry Barcelona and a newly armed or winged Real Madrid back in Zidane’s hands.

Yup we have one hell of a title fight in the offing and I simply can’t stop speculating what would be the most exciting matches in the group stages. After all it is the match up of champions of their own leagues and all of them eyeing for glory. There is simply no bound to the amount of excitement that the tournament evokes. So which are the most exciting group stage matches then?

Borussia Dortmund Vs FC Barcelona

You have to think the league draw was mental as soon as you see the first matches in the tournament. Straight away it is two European giants facing off. FC Barcelona had a regrettable run last champions league after they were outclassed and outplayed by champions Liverpool and will be eager to atone that debacle while Dortmund has one of the best young teams in the world and will be looking to establish themselves right in the beginning. Another thing to watch out for would be Paco Alcacer’s performance against his older club.

Liverpool Vs Napoli

Another great game right of the bat is the defending champions Liverpool facing Napoli. While Napoli are not exactly heavyweights, they came really close to wrecking Liverpool’s chances last year by almost winning the game. They will be looking to emulate that game sans the mistakes and make it a point that the game could have gone either way.

Paris Saint German (PSG) Vs Real Madrid

Two of the biggest clubs in the world taking on each other, this is literally why champions league is Champions League. It is going to be Neymar Vs Hazard and it is going to be epic. Madrid has Zidane leading them again and he knows a thing or two about winning the champions League having won it himself both as a player and manager of Real Madrid.

Bayern Munich Vs Tottenham Hotspurs

The German giants taking on one of the most spirited clubs in the world, it will be a fight to the finish, this one. Bayern Munich will continue their search for another Champions League title that has eluded them for so long while Spurs will want to reach the top spot under Pochettino who deserves to, to say in the least.